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We’ For change-Kathmandu

‘We’ for Change, established in 2012 ( Res. 334 /069/070) is a non – profit youth led (between age group of 16 -24 years) development Non Governmental Organization, committed to work for capacity building and leadership development of young people and improve the quality of life of adolescents of Nepal.
Our indicators for quality of life of adolescents:
-Effective Education.
-Access to Health.
-Sustainable Environment.
-Freedom with Responsibility.
-Enriched leadership platform.

The Vision

‘We’ for Change envisions that every young people are able to realize and develop their full potential as positive and productive members of society with improved quality of life

The Mission:
-Empower young people to build their capacity and develop leadership.
-Assist adolescents to improve the quality of life.

Guiding Principles
Youth led
Involving youth in every aspects of ‘organizational work empowers young people as national assets and resources and produces more realistic and effective results. We incorporate the experiences and priorities of youth themselves into all that we do. The entire organization is led by Young people between the age group of 16 – 24 .

We for change believe that we have an obligation to act when young people’s rights and well-being are threatened. ‘We’ for Change targets the underprivileged and marginalized young people, from the point of prevention to the need for effective response.
‘We’ for Change’s work is based on our belief in the fundamental human rights, dignity, and worth of all people, including youth and adolescents. Our work is grounded in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. We value National Youth Policy 2008, Nepal. 
‘We’ for Change develops responses to the critical and emerging issues threatening young people by engaging and inspiring the involvement of individuals, groups, communities, organizations, and governments. We build local youth capacity and organize coordinated them to act for social change. 
Peer-led approach enable ‘We’ for Change to develop creative solutions to the problems faced by adolescents. ‘We’ for Change’s innovative project concepts and models offer long-term sustainability after ‘We’ for Change intervention period is over. 
Strategic Action
‘We’ for Change’s outcome-focused actions are targeted, well-researched, thoroughly planned, and creatively executed in order to achieve maximum results. We maintain a small and efficient operational infrastructure that prioritizes low overhead while making an investment in securing the expertise and partnerships we need to do our work and achieve our goals.


रिलिफ नेपालबाट सिन्धुली अस्पताललाई १५ हजार सिटामोल सहयोग

January 21, 2022

रिलिफ नेपालबाट सिन्धुली अस्पताललाई १
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