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Community Empowerment Program

Coverage  District:      Sindhuli.

Project period:            Feb 2013 to till

Funding Partner:         Caritas Nepal

Description of actual services provided:

The project is focused to contribute on sustainable livelihood in rural community by strengthening local institutions and improving the capacity of pro-poor and marginalized groups especially the women. In this context, the project directly supports for more than 750 HHs of marginalized groups through building their capacity on social, economical aspects and building their representational skills/knowledge to ensure their participation on local planning and development process. Similarly, the project works directly with local governance structure to assure the development interventions focused for marginalized groups from local governance structures.

Major services provided in this assignments are:

भूकम्पले ग्रस्त जाजरकोटमा रिलिफले बनायो टीएलसी भवन

January 30, 2024


भूकम्प पीडितलाई रिलिफ नेपालबाट सहयोग

January 30, 2024

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Head Office:

Kamalamai Municipality-6, Sindhuli
Contact No: +977-047-520915
Email: [email protected]

Secretariat Office:

Mahalaxmi Municipality-10, Lalitpur
Contact No: +977-9851001193
Email: [email protected]