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 A self-reliant society refers to that society where every household, being socially united and enjoying the fundamental rights, can maintain own household expenses (Food, clothes, resident, medicines, education etc.) from own income source and orient towards the equitable society.

By becoming a respectable colleagues /friend of Relief Nepal , you can open the doors for children's and women to realize their potential to learn, grow and improve their own lives .

This is where you came in. Please  think a moment with your beautiful closed eyes and make a donation to Relief Nepal .

We believe and want to ensure you that, your donation to Relief Nepal goes according to your propose sector that support children's and women's status as on the basis of Relief Nepal Mission, Vision and Goal. Join us to make difference. By donating your own resources to Relief Nepal however great or small, you as an individual or institution will advance the women's and children's status.

भूकम्पले ग्रस्त जाजरकोटमा रिलिफले बनायो टीएलसी भवन

January 30, 2024


भूकम्प पीडितलाई रिलिफ नेपालबाट सहयोग

January 30, 2024

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Relief Nepal is a non-profit non-government organization dedicated to improve the quality of life of poor, Youth, underprivileged and most disadvantaged people in Nepal.


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