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Immediate Relief to the victims of earthquake in Kavre

Relief Nepal has been conducting this project by categorizing it into 5 different programmes. They are as follows:

  1. Food and nutrition Support:

This program supports each of the 92 families by providing them food items every fifteen days. The foods consist of various items like rice, pulse, salt, oil and so on balanced with various nutrition.This program is also providing  affected children and also food for women with special needs.

  1. Wash 3 months:

This program keeps in view about the health and hygiene to be taken care of the earthquake affected people in the target VDC and prevent them from getting caught with possible epidemic. This program also targets the same 92 families where they are provided with health and hygiene kit like Dettol soap, sanitary pad, cotton, bathing soap, washing soap, toothpaste and so on.

  1. Support for children:

This program aims to keep the children’s attention away from the fearful chaos of the earthquake and make them feel that the situation outside is normal. For this activities, certain facilitator have been deployed who gets themselves busy with the children gathered in a mass in a specific area called Child friendly Space area. The children are engaged with various entertaining activities like sports, fun talks, dramas, dances, songs and so on. At the same time, the children have been facilitated with Psycho-social counseling so as to make the kids capable of overcoming the trauma they have been through.

  1. Shelter:

The victims in the affected areas have been provided with temporary shelter materials consisting each piece of tarpaulin, bed sheets and blankets to all the target families. This is to make sure that they do not have to worry about their shelter until they are ready to be settled in a permanent settlement, hopefully sooner. This program however has already been accomplished successfully.

  1. Non-food item:

This program deals with providing the target family with set of non-food items so that they can feel ease in accomplishing the everyday activities with the help of it. The items consists of utensils such as 1 piece of bucket, 1 piece of mug and 4 pieces of steel plates. This program has also been completed successfully.

रिलिफ नेपालद्धारा अक्सिजन सिलिण्डर वितरण

May 28, 2021

रिलिफ नेपालद्धारा अक्सिजन सिलिण्डर व
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