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Caritas Nepal works to create an equitable, just, peaceful, democratic and pluralistic society where people respect each other and work together without any discrimination of caste, creed, race, ethnicity, and sex to realize the fundamental and universal principles of Human Rights and where the oppressed and marginalised people, empowered through animation and people’s organisation, are able to achieve integral human development and become agents of social transformation.


Caritas Nepal commits itself to working among the poor and the marginalised in a coordinated way linking all programmes of micro-credit, sustainable agriculture, gender development, peace, disaster mitigation, emergency relief and health awareness with the perspective of human rights approach and with the methodology of building groups and empowering them.

Caritas Nepal elaborates its mission as follows:

To bring about gender sensitivity and gender equality that will make women live a dignified life, thereby effecting a cultural change.

To empower people and organizations working among the oppressed and marginalised ethnic groups through animation and capacity building to liberate them from poverty and bondage and make them self-reliant and live a dignified life.

Towards the above purpose, Caritas Nepal will employ an integral human development approach. The basic assumption is that poverty is a brutal denial of human rights and that poverty can be eradicated only by the full realisation of the right to development, and that the realisation of human rights is an integral part of sustainable development.

To be present where people are suffering from any disaster arising out of natural or human made causes. Caritas Nepal will offer relief to the extent possible and also plan for their rehabilitation and sustainable livelihood. It will involve itself in empowering the community to be prepared for possible disaster and reduce human loss and suffering. The internally displaced people and refugees will also constitute our target groups.

To work for food security and environment balance through promotion of sustainable agriculture, livestock and community forestry for the well-being of the farmers.

सिन्धुली भुवनेश्वरीका अग्निपीडितलाई १८० बण्डल जस्ता

April 25, 2016

सिन्धुली । नेपाल जेसुइत सामाजिक संस्

News on educational materials and warm clothes support to 484 school student in tinkanya sindhuli

January 23, 2016

सिन्धुली, ५ माघ । हिउँदको महिना, एकसरो
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